– Diana B
I am Diana and I have offered Psychic TAROT Readings for many years… I acquired my first deck of Tarot Cards at 19 years old, this led me to embrace my Psychic Awareness and Spirituality and consequently I became interested in other Psychic Tools such as Angel Cards, Crystals and the Pendulum.  The Archetypes and Symbolism of the Tarot combined with elements of Numerology and Astrology have always been a source of fascination to me.
The TAROT can connect with you on a subconscious level to release your Intuition and reveal the path that your life may follow. The TAROT is a very Powerful Tool and when used correctly can give insight on where you are on your current life path and possible directions to advance your life to the next level. The TAROT knows only Truth and asks that you are Honest with Yourself both in your Intentions and Motivations. Your Destiny is NOT set in stone, however, you can use the information gained from a Reading to make informed decisions to direct your future path through the power of your free will.
Reiki Distance Energy Healing is offered as part of selected Readings. 



I have worked as a Counsellor both Professionally and as a Volunteer and these skills have assisted me in gaining my current reputation as a Compassionate and Non-Judgemental Reader helping Empower my clients.  I currently work for a leading Psychic Organisation offering Telephone Readings, I also undertake Readings for a Spiritual Shop in the West Midlands offering Face to Face Readings, Group Bookings, Tarot Parties, and I am also involved in Psychic Fayre’s. 

There is very little that comes up in Readings that I haven’t heard before, having said that, there’s always a first time!  Everyone has Issues to deal with at some point in their life. That’s Life!  However, we are all individuals and I will treat you as the Unique and Special person that you are, only you can know how you truly feel about a situation.  I can assist you in moving forward, offering you alternatives to your current path.

I can assure you that you will receive an honest reading.  I can’t always tell you what you want to hear, but maybe what you need to hear.  Don’t worry, I won’t spook you, I will provide you with clear guidance and a way forward.

Allow me to Guide you in Taking Control of your Destiny.


All Readings are in the strictest confidence

For further information or for any other queries 

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